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Helping online video & audio become offline mp4 & mp3 files

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Here are the 3 steps required to download online video as mp4 or mp3:

  • STEP 1: open Youtube video and copy its URL from browser's address bar or from the omnipresent share link/button on video page or in the app.
  • STEP 2: now return here to Mp3Hub, click in the search box on top and paste video link there, then hit GO button. Try search Youtube right here - enter text.
  • STEP 3: Mp3 download options will show if website is supported. If not - there will be video download button, which can show options to save video.
  • Mp3Hub is free Youtube to mp3 converter online

    Mp3Hub is a full-service Youtube converter with a wide range of features. Here you can search Youtube video library without actually visiting Youtube, and thus avoid them tracking your interests and preferences. Here you can convert Youtube videos to mp4 and mp3 format, and download those files to your device for later. Mp3Hub helps liberate people's habbits by allowing them watch their favorite videos, podcasts, talk shows and even music videos at their convenience, on subway train to work, or on the airplane.. Why not listen to a nice 4hr lecture on your next flight, instead of watching 2 stupid hollywood movies for the 4th time.. this month.. Mp3Hub can help with that routine: simply hit up our top trending videos section for the freshest selection of hottest music in your area. And there you go - your flight is filled with fresh new beats...

    Fast, reliable web service

    Mp3Hub was made with the best tools available, it's super fast and dependable, using a network of access points it's always ready to do the job

    Youtube to mp3 converter

    Mp3Hub is essentially Youtube to mp3 converter. You find video using local search or via Youtube website or app, and Mp3Hub converts it to mp3.

    Download Youtube to mp4

    Looking to download whole video from Youtube? Just select download video option. Mp3 converter is limited, while online video downloader is not.

    Excellent user experience

    Mp3Hub doesn't have redirects or advertising and is striving to uphold the most amaing user experience. Email us if you don't approve of something.

    Youtube converter also means Youtube to mp4

    Youtube converter self-proclamation usually implies that website can do both vital function - convert Youtube video to mp3, as well as Youtube to mp4. We also offer several extended download options, such as m4a, webm, ogg, etc. Simply find download video button after you submit a video link, and you will see many more download options than just the default mp3 option. Explore many other features Mp3Hub offers, such as online video converter for more than 400 known sources; playlist downloader for Youtube, Daily, etc; direct Youtube video search; light-weight web based app for Windows and Android; quick-access Bookmarklet to make things so much easier; and numerous other features. Try them all, explore Mp3Hub and it will reward you!

    Mp3Hub has web-app

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    Click this button to install Mp3Hub web app. It will never ask for updates, it will work as hard as Mp3Hub website does, and it will always help you with Youtube searches, suggestions. App possesses full functionality the website does. Check it out, no commitment, free, no signup, just for fun..

    And browser shortcut

    Download Mp4

    Drag and drop this button to your browser bookmarks section, and you're all set. Head over to Youtube, open any video and click the bookmark. It will redirect you here with video URL attached, which saves you the trouble of copying and pasting said URL. Pretty neat, right? Give it a try, it's also fun!